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Bunny Brigade Motto:

[Shakespeare Revised] "To be free or not to be free that is the question!

History of The Bunny Brigade

The outbreak of The Revolutionary War in 1776 resulted in the formation of The Bunny Brigade. Millions of The Bunny Brigade's finest bunnies have perished while serving America and its Constitution. The American soldiers at Valley Forge made a scrumptious stew using cooked bunnies, cabbage, carrots, and onions. The bunnies were boiled, baked, and even fried to make stew for George Washington's starving troops.

Nathan Hale Bunny became the most famous member of The Bunny Brigade when he spoke his famous lines at Valley Forge "I regret that I can only be served in one stew for my country". George Washington's army also admired Paul Revere Bunny when he made his midnight hop to warn the citizens of Lexington and Concord that the British are coming. These two events are part of bunny history. You can ask any bunny and they will tell you the same thing about the two previously mentioned events.

The Bunny Brigade has only had one out-and-out villain in its illustrious history that is over two hundred-year old. Benedict Arnold Bunny attempted to steal all of the Continental Army's carrots at West Point and give them to the British army. Benny the Bunny foiled the treasonous plot and saved the day. Benny overheard Benedict Arnold Bunny and a British office discussing the carrot caper. Benny reported the plot to Captain John Paul Jones Bunny who eased Benny's mind when the good Captain shouted out "I have not yet begun to fight carrot thievery".

The Bunny Brigade is once again called upon to assist America overcome another crisis. The nation has lost its core values. The concept of self-sacrifice for the sake of a brighter future for the next generation has ceased to exist. We now have a concept of live today and don't worry about leaving anything for those generations that follow. Americans once said, "I don't care how bad I have it but my kids are doing to have it better than I did". Now Americans support spending the next generation wealth on lavish things such as tunnels for turtles in Florida. We have become a socialist nation that has broken every economic principle that made us great in the past.

The Bunny Brigade is gearing up to ensure that our representatives in Congress and the White House reinstate our core values in the legislation of the future. The Bunny Brigade supports the concept that the Constitution is an absolute document. Therefore, activist judges should not interrupt the Constitution to create law based on ideological theory rather than law passed by Constitutional means.

The Bunny Brigade calls for the American government to get out of the way of the private sector. A free private sector will usually prosper and create a vast amount of jobs for the citizenry. The Bunny Brigade also supports the concept of live within your means and stop wasting our children's future by using deficit spending to support ideological based socialist projects.

Americans who believe as The Bunny Brigade believes should unite and help restore America's core principles at the voting booths every election day. Elections provide a means for voters to prove that when the people are mad as hell that they don't have to take it any more. Be sure to vote in every election and bring a friend or even two friends to the voting booths.

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