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[Shakespeare Revised] "To be free or not to be free that is the question!

History of Private Sector


Benjamin Franklin Sector joined The Bunny Brigade in 1776. He enlisted in The Bunny Brigade as a private and a private he remained. Private Sector was constantly in trouble because of his mischievous nature. Private Sector has remained loyal and trustworthy to the principles that were the cause of The Revolutionary War. Private Sector remained in The Bunny Brigade until our founding fathers enacted The Constitution of the United States.

Private Benjamin Franklin Bunny has remained off and on in The Bunny Brigade servicing the country from its founding until now. World War I and II resulted in The Bunny Brigade calling Private Sector back into active duty. Private Sectors main duty was to invade enemy territory and eat as much of the enemy's farm crops as possible. Private Sector and his cohorts consumed much of the enemy's carrot and lettuce crops during the two major wars of the twentieth century. Private Sector required a large dose of Alka Seltzer for his consumption of the enemy's crops.

Once again the nation is in dire need of The Bunny Brigade. America and its Constitution are under attack but this time the enemy is not an external force it is instead a force from within. Progressives are attempting to undermine the Constitution and to create a Socialist Marxist nation that seeks to redistribute the worlds wealth based on whatever formula the Progressive Marxist deem best. The Progressive Marxist advocate having complete control of the economy and the ability to put the blame on others for the ineffective policies they wish to enact. Social justice is the battle cry of the Progressives. Redistribution of wealth is the Progressives mode of operation.

Private Sector's friends and allies affectionately call him Benny The Bunny. The Bunny Brigade has once again recalled Benny the Bunny and his allies back into service to assist America into returning to its core values that made her great. Private Sector will stay in The Bunny Brigade until the American Constitution is viewed as an absolute law and not as a piece of paper that evolves its meaning by the rulings by political activist judges. Benny the Bunny also supports the principal of a private sector based economy that is out of the reaches of any self-proclaimed bureaucratic blowhard that works for the government. Private Sector also will proclaim that the practice of deficit spending that results in generational thievery be stopped

The Bunny Brigade and Benny the Bunny will carry the fight aggressively to the Progressives stating the truth in written articles, the production of Web videos, and even by lectures if that is what it takes to assist America in regaining its past greatness. Facts and the real truth are two of the things that Progressives fear the most.

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